Environmental Focus
Achieving Compliance and Quality

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The images below are a selection taken from projects that we have consulted on and helped our clients improve current operations.
  1. Environment Compliance
    Contaminated Land
    We undertook a comprehensive site investigation to detail the extent of the contamination. The site is now undergoing full remediation.
  2. Environmental permit
    Illegal ELV site
    We helped our client gain the correct Permit for the operations being carried out and avoided a potential prosecution case against them.
  3. Environmental Pollution
    Silt pollution
    This pollution was being caused by run off not being prevented at a MotorCross track. We advised on pollution prevention methods to reduce and eliminate the impact.
  4. Pollution prevention
    Lime Pollution
    This incident was reported to the Regulator as the cause was unknown.
  5. Environmental Consultant
    Biomass Boiler
    We gained our client the relevant permit to burn waste wood on-site, the heat is used to dry both wood products and soils through the wetter Winter months.
  6. Environmental Consultant
    WRAP Compliance
    We created a Quality Control System for our client that enables them to follow correct procedures to produce and sell a top quality product from waste inputs.
  7. Fire Compliance
    Non-compliant stockpiling
    We helped our client develop a Fire and Improvement Plan for site to comply with the permit conditions and reduce the risk to the environment.